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I collect old & odd things ~ I throw my head back and cackle when I laugh and I see the past through the eye of a needle.
~ I love my life and those I share it with.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

~ Cats & Jacks ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk!

and a hearty-happy Thursday to you all…
it's gotten a tad warmer again ~
 but that won't stop me 
from wishing for my beloved Autumn to arrive.

Lately I've been enjoying taking candid snaps of Iggy {Mr. Ignacious Catt}
in his natural surroundings ~ 
which have been known to include baskets, boxes & bags…
windowsills and wool piles.

here are some that I thought came out well;

a little crow-watching

we see you.


and here is another little hooking-in-progress that I started last evening ~
a Jack, of course!
Tis the Season, you know

This Jack is the exact motif from my new 'Jack's Folly' wool appliqué 
that I wanted to use for hooking ~
you can use it for hooking too, if you'd like.

almost finished, on to the background next...

but before I even begin a new hooking project,
Iggy must inspect each little snippet & worm of wool,
so color-planning my projects takes a little longer…

"hmmm….maybe not that green, mom…"

"That one! yes, that one…."

"and perhaps a few of these orange worms too ~"

"MOM! are you listening to me??? and why are you laughing?"

… oh well, 
at least he has a good eye for color!

Hoping you all have a color-full day my sweet friends :)

 ~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

~ A little Loop-Pulling ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk!

what a pleasure it has been to take my rug hooking outside on the patio again :) 
the slightest hint of Autumn is now sighing on the breeze…

making me want to play in my wools once again!

I guess those of us that love wool have so much in common ~
from the past to the present it seems…

those little loops that draw me in
allow me to hook what is around me and in my imagination ~

I've added a Rug Hooker's POLL
 to the top of my sidebar over there on the right of this page ----->

Always interested in knowing your preferences :)

Plans are underway for another Rug Hooking Class here at the farm ~ 
… thinking of perhaps a Winter-themed class project this time
maybe a mitten to hold candy canes or holly berries?
stay tuned!

 ~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Sunday, August 21, 2016

~ Proper Implements ~

Hello Friends & Folk ~ 
another steamy Sunday here at the farm…

feeling much better than last week, have another appt with dr. on the 25th…
am hoping for more conclusive results to my symptoms this time?

I have been hooking again ~
the end of Summer always finds me pulling out wools & projects begun earlier in the year
or designing & dreaming up new ones!

I like to have everything near me ~ whether I'm stitching, punching or hooking.

here's my Standing Floor Frame with gripper strips that Peter makes ~ 
with a rug that's almost finished on it :)

  perfect size for me, I don't hook BIG-big rugs ~
but this frame is great for medium sized rugs like mine in progress...

I also love my 'Stripper's Tote' that I painted black with gold accents ~
{{ I personalized mine with my name & floral/bird motifs }}
you can see my trusty Fraser cutter clamped to the top/handle…

a portable cutting station you can carry wherever you want to work!
the strips flow down into the box when you cut them ~ perfect!
{{works with ANY clamp on cutter like Fraser, Townsend, Honeydoo…etc…}}

my Sliding Needle Box is painted in the same colors 
for a colonial/primitive look that I love ~ personalized with my name again.

the needle box fits down inside tote for traveling :)

what's in there?
well, I've got a tape measure, sharpies, thread, pencil & scissors
a 'spare' hook and a loop-puller ~ some green ribbon clamped with a clothespin {why? who knows}
my cutter's wrench in case it needs tightening,
some mad-money and Burts Bees lip balm {you can wax threads with this tooooo!!}

~ here are my favorite Rug Hooks that Peter makes:
this is my primitive Pencil Hook with Brass tip ~

and my very favorite primitive Ergo hook with Steel tip
{{we will be offering these again soon!}}

I keep my hook-in-use in the handy little hole in the top of the stripper's tote ~

I keep these off-set scissors in my needle box too…
love them for cutting tails to pile height.

I can identify my scissors by the beautiful witch's hat charm at the end of my scissors fob
made by Victoria {Vikki} Gable {on Facebook}
Love it!

I also like to use my wool covered double-magnet
to hold my scissors and steel tipped hook when I'm not using my cutter, 
it holds fast to it, since it's metal!


but it is mostly found on my hooking-in-progress…
one magnet on the top of my work, one underneath. handy dandy!

I made this little snippet pocket from wool and old buttons…it holds LOTS of snippets
until I'm ready to use them as stuffing -or- offer them to my bird-friends to use for nesting material :)

so there ya go…
a comfy chair, 
all of the proper implements 
and they make for a perfect hooking nest of my own!

~ almost forgot! ~
my beloved bird-friends here in the old farm-house 
keep me entertained and happy while I work away…

who could ask for better companions?

hoping you have a beautifully creative & relaxing Sunday eve ~ 
my sweet friends...

~ Blessings from the Farm ~ 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

~ Healing Stitches ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
well, the preliminary blood tests have come back inconclusive.
really not what I had hoped for, but it's something anyhow.

I have another appointment to see another dr. and am hoping for more thorough testing and results.
I am pretty sure it is tick-bite related as I have been having 'normal' symptoms of Lyme's but also
not-so 'normal' signs of other strains. 
… and So we hurry up & wait.

in the meantime again, I am resting as much as I can
 {or as much as Peter can make me rest}
... I'm sure by now you've guessed I am type-A and am never still or idle ~
so it's hard to keep me down when I don't want to be!

I thank you all for your continued positive thoughts and well-wishes!

I have been stitching, of course.
I can only focus though on doing my free-hand cross stitching…
my brain won't let me focus on much more right now, 
~ so this works at the moment to keep me from going nuts.

this is my little friend, 
Good Witch Mary ~ she finds her way into my work often!

I enjoy this look…
a scattered & naively stitched look I guess ~
such crooked little stitches
wonk-ily worked one at a time to fill in a penciled motif;
in this case an apron adorned Farm Witch!

I have shown you how I stitch like this before, 
but if you'd like a reminder, 
you may click on the links below of my previous postings on this subject:


see that sweet little Hitchcock chair? it's only about 5 inches tall….
{{ I wish I was small enough to sit in it! }}

I am originally from CT, 
where these chairs are made and found this tiny version {salesman sample?}
 in PA of all places!

I think I'll add a chair like this one to this sampler ~ or two ~ 
one for her, one for a friend perhaps?
right now I'm stitching on her red saltbox styled farmhouse…

Once finished with the stitching, 
I think I'll make this into a sawdust stuffed pillow ~
at least that is my thought for now ~ 
~ but it will be available here in the Farm Shop for our 8th annual
Gathering of Primitive Friends Show on Sept. 17th
{{WHICH btw, is now less than a month away!}}}
wha whaaaaat?

haven't done much gardening,
but Mother Nature has been generous with rains & heat ~
so we have plenty of fresh tomatoes, green peppers, basil to make a nice sauce.
and yes, although I have to strain mine to remove all seeds, 
I enjoy making it for Peter and LOVE the smell of cooking fresh sauce in my farmhouse

our sunflowers have gotten so heavy that I've had to cut them ~
they now hang, drying for next years' planting.

and although most of our plants are thriving,
the japanese beetles have done terrible damage to our hibiscus, roses and hydrangea…
~ leaving skeletal leaves and nibbled petals.
This one has so far been lucky not to have been devoured yet!

Hannah bought me a beautiful Yellow rose bush for mothers' day a few years back, and the bush it fighting off those blasted beetles.
I will NOT use pesticides though ~ preferring to let Nature take her course…
I have seen praying mantis in our larger herb garden, 
… so I'm hoping they will fly over to the farmhouse and begin eradicating the beetles soon,
before the entire bush is eaten beyond recuperating ~

amidst the rain, heat & humidity ~
and along with illness and stress…

there is always something to be thankful for;
simple beauty
simple handwork
love ~

Thank you Peter for taking such good care of me while I'm under the weather….

wishing you all a day filled with things you love,
and those who love you most!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

~ New *AUTUMN 2016* Goodes ~

Hello Friends & Folk ~
been a few days between postings, I do apologize for that ~

… still not feeling well and am hoping for test results this aft….
thank you all for your kind thoughts & advice xoxox

Here is a sampling of our new goods for 
Autumn 2016:

* we have two new cross stitch designs, "Hallowe'en Barnyard" & "Cat in the Moon"
* 2 new punch needle designs, "Harvest Squirrel" and "Remember Me 1632"
* one fun Appliqué design named "Jack's Folly"
* 3 new wooden floss holders, "Primitive Moon", "Primitive Star" & "Primitive Oak Leaf"
* one new wooden "Tombstone" paddle {for the "Harvest Squirrel" punch needle project}
*a beautiful new hand painted wooden "Colonial Polka Dot Frame" 
{for the "Hallowe'en Barnyard" project}
* another little needful box, our awesome "Floss Winding Box" 
… that will help you wind/store your skeins of thread onto little spools for punch needle!

These will all be available in our Etsy shop today ~
I'm almost finished loading them all up!!

Kind Thanks 
as always for your continued support of what we do & love!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

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