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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

~ Mid-Week Musings ~

 Hello Friends & Folk!

... can it be Wednesday again? ~ 
and did you know there is only one more Wednesday left this month?

I was never aware how fast time passed when I was younger...
Summertime was endless
days seemed to stretch on & on.
but no more ~ weeks & months fly in the blink of my now tri-focal wearing eye.

I do try to make the best of the passing time, though.
Thankfully, I've never had a "bored" moment in my life!
{who can be bored with so much inspiration around?}

Some of you who follow NFF/me on FB and Instagram ~
have seen these small embroideries I've done recently:

I really love working long & short stitches, satin stitches & knots.
they are simple stitches that work up and fill in quickly ~
chain stitch & stem stitch are favorite of mine too....

how many of my readers do embroidery?
what are your favorites?
crewel embroidery, stamped embroidery, jacobean? 
Me? I love them all, but prefer to work very Primsically and Humbly

we'll see what next comes from my needle and thread....

•••••• • ••• • • • ••• • • • • ••••• • ••• • • ••• • • ••• •• • ••••••

 we have a vine of volunteer Morning Glory's growing on our farmhouse fence...
their little pink blooms greet me everyday on my way to the shop ~

our Banana trees are growing by the foot it seems!
can you find 'Waldo'?

and I don't ever remember our Black & Brown Eyed Suzy's ever being so full and tall....
we let them naturalize in our gardens to keep our pollinators happy!


tiny, helpful friends hard at work ~


We are SO happy to see tiny figs this year too!
didn't have any last year ~ hoping they will become full and ripe before any hard frosts...

Well I am off to hang laundry {again} and finish a few more farmwife chores
before settling down once again with my needlework...

Have a beautiful Summer's day my friends!

Please be as kind to one another,
as you would expect the same kindness in return ~

Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

~ Not So Tiny Stitches ~

...and Happy Tuesday to you all!

between the intolerable heat and dry weather,
I am holed-up in my old farmhouse ~ working on Autumnal things 
and dreaming of falling leaves, pumpkins and crisp, cool nights...

I am such a needlwork-butterfly ~ flitting from this-to-that!
so today I am working on another new cross stitch design 
that will include this house 
~ stitched in shades of pumpkin!
{ok, DMC 782}

but instead of stitching on smaller count linen,
I am LOVING this larger count linen that I picked up at a quaint little stitching shop called:
 located in Strasburg, PA on our travels last week.
here is the link to their FB page ~ click HERE

the package that this came in says 18ct Aida ~ Lambswool.
but we all know it is linen ;)

 and I am stitching on it using 3 strands of floss over two threads of linen...
it is working out to be more like a 20ct though,...{over 2 threads would be a 10ct}
easy to see, big and super-fast!

don't mind my penciled-on ruler,
those lines are meant for other projects ~ not this one.

the hoop I'm using is one my sweet Mom gave me while in CT ~
it is a "Queen" hoop with coin-screw closure.

a perfect size for the project I'm working on! 
 ~ thanks Mom!!!

Hoping you all are staying comfy and safe in this horrible heat.
please remember to provide water to your outdoor friends

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori

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